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Overview of India



There is a reason why the majority of first time visitors to India include a visit to Rajasthan in their tour.  In many ways this Royal state encapsulates all that you think of when mentioning the word India. Elegant ladies clad in flamboyant saris, wizened male faces resplendent with fulsome moustaches, flamboyant forts and palaces, colourfully decorated camels and elephants – the list goes on, this is a state that really needs no introduction. 

Even in this most visited part of the country there are hidden corners and secret gems to be discovered.  Delightful rural retreats which should be combined with visits to the better known cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur & Udaipur.  Let our expert team guide you off the beaten track.
Rajasthan plays host to some of the most vibrant festivals so do consider arranging your visit to combine with one of these.

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