Tailor-made journeys to India and the Subcontinent

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INDIA – arranging a visit to India can be a daunting task – a country with so much to offer and so many options. Let us guide you and together we will arrange a visit that encompasses the best the country has to offer, be it the deserts of Rajasthan, the mountains of the north, the jungles of central India or the leisurely pace of life in the south.

Although India will always be our first love, Emma Horne Travel offers itineraries to other countries in the region.


The Kingdom of Bhutan retains a unique identity; although part of the Himalayan chain the character of this country is very different from that of its neighbours.  A country who fiercely protects it ancient, Buddhist culture yet still manages to move forward into the 21st century whilst keepings its own identity intact.



For those looking for excellent trekking and staggering views of the Himalayan snow-covered peaks, Nepal is still the country of choice, but it isn’t only about the mountains.  The southern part of the country offers good wildlife viewing and Kathmandu, whilst being a bustling, crowded city, still has areas that retain their medieval charm. For those with limited time there are attractive properties in the Kathmandu Valley which offer good mountain views and relaxing accommodation.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka continues to be a popular destination and I am delighted to say Emma Horne Travel’s profile in Sri Lanka is growing with an increasing number of first-time travellers with EHT choosing Sri Lanka as their destination. You should be aware that as fashionable choice you do need to start planning a Sri Lankan trip well in advance.  Many of the boutique hotels have few rooms and these tend to sell out fast. The good news is that there are an increasing number of fabulous boutique properties opening so the options are growing.