Tailor-made journeys to India and the Subcontinent

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EHT Experiences

At Emma Horne Travel we always like to plan our trips to give you as many varied experiences as possible.  We feel to truly appreciate the subcontinent it is necessary to combine the urban and the rural; to seek out the adrenalin filled, bustling side of the continent as well as escaping to off-the-beaten track locations where you can appreciate the calming and restorative effects of nature.   We do though want to highlight some particular aspects of the subcontinent which you might wish to incorporate in a trip or use as a focal point to base the rest of your journey around. 

EHT Accompanied Tours

Although we primarily arrange our itineraries on a tailor-made basis Emma does accompany a few small group tours throughout the year. Always wishing to remain flexible and match client’s individual requirements we can arrange bespoke tours to include these festivals as part of longer it...

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Festival & Cultural Events

India can certainly be considered the Land of Festivals, with colourful celebrations, both large and small, happening throughout the year. Some of these have religious significance, some are for trading purposes and others promote the cultural importance of a region.    We would like to...

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Wildlife Encounters

WILDLIFE IN THE SUBCONTINENT I become rather saddened when beginning to discuss itinerary options with clients when they say they are not interested in including wildlife in their trip to the subcontinent as they have ‘done that’ in Africa!  Wildlife viewing in India...

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