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Overview of Bhutan


The Kingdom of Bhutan retains a unique identity; although part of the Himalayan chain the character of this country is very different from that of its neighbours.  A country who fiercely protects it ancient, Buddhist culture yet still manages to move forward into the 21st century whilst keepings its own identity intact.

As a traveller you will be able to see a living Buddhist culture; working monasteries (dzongs) dominate the sky line and village life-style has remained remarkably unchanged for centuries.
The scenery is spectacular – snow-capped mountains and thick forests (protected by an enlightened government); the country lends itself to trekking and adventure travel.
Bhutanese people are well-educated, fun loving and vibrant and their textiles and handicrafts beautifully made. 
The perception that Bhutan is a difficult and expensive country to visit is a little misplaced.  Although all arrangements do need to be booked in advance you can still travel as an individual and there is plenty of flexibility with-in the itinerary, be your interest cultural or more active.  The price is fully inclusive of all accommodation, meals, transportation and guides.