November 2021 to Dates to be announced

The Pushkar Cattle Fair, or Camel Fair, as it is more usually known, is one of the largest fairs of its kind in Asia.  What began as a religious fair celebrating the Full Moon of Karthik Purnima is now a huge trading fair for camels, cattle, sheep, goats and the beautiful Marwari horses.  

For one week of the year the usually quiet, desert town of Pushkar turns into a bustling market place as villagers from all over Rajasthan come to trade, bargain, race and compete.  It is an extraordinarily colourful affair and photographer’s delight. 

In year 2020 the Fair will be held from the 22nd November - 30th November 2020. We can arrange private travel for any days of the Fair and can suggest options for combining the Pushkar Mela with a longer journey in Rajasthan. As train tickets will be at a premium, early booking is recommended.


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